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Short Q&A

Q1. Describe your emotional feeling with regards to your past experiences in programming/coding a website/application.

A1. It feels great to create something out of nothing, I love the challenges in finding ways to solve different problems. I always feel excited about doing projects and I am always happy to help younger devs who need my expertise.

Q2. What are the things that you are passionate about? What are the things that you love to do?

A2. I really want to practice my skills in Laravel and learn new Front-end techniques and design because I really love websites with stunning designs. When I’m not with my laptop, I usually play basketball or any cardio exercise.

Q3. Why do you want to pursue the career of being a developer/coder?

A3. I really want to create something like web apps and websites. I also wanted to become a coding guru just like my seniors and to be honest, here in my country this kind of job gives more salary than other careers.

Q4. Do you really want to become or continue to be a developer/coder? Why? What’s in it for you?

A4. Yes, I really want to pursue developing and coding because I really love the challenge and honestly when I was still studying I look up to other senior devs that someday I’ll become like them.

Q5. What are things that you want to learn? Why do you want to learn them?

A5. When I started doing WordPress stuff I was just an OJT in a WordPress dev company that has no knowledge of Php. But today, I have a knowledge for both of them and that’s why I want to learn more on developing WordPress core and plugin development.

Q6. How do you vertically center-align an element in CSS/HTML?

A6. I usually use “padding” property but the easiest way is to use a CSS selector property called “vertical-align” with a value of “middle”. But there are a lot of factors that can affect the alignment like the display of an element or the parent of an element.

Q7. If you have site that looks like this:, how confident are you to say that you can make it look like this: on WordPress without using Dreamweaver or any other tools?

A7. Honestly, I have never used Dreamweaver but without using other tools like a photoshop for the photos or utilizing slider plugins it may be difficult but the design and the structure it can be done using plain CSS. The slider is manageable but it will take time if we will not use plugins for it.

Q8. Given that it is 40hrs per week, steady income with paid leave entitlements. What do you think is a fair weekly salary for this job (in Pesos)?

A8. 30 to 40 thousand pesos is a pretty good salary for this job but any salary you will give to me is ok as long as I have a good work to be proud of and good workmates that will help me grow and be productive.